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How to Adjust the Weights of Sentiment-Bearing Phrases

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 03:20PM EST
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My adjusted sentiment weights for certain phrases are not updating when I run my analysis.
When adjusting the sentiment weights of sentiment bearing phrases only nouns and adjectives can be added into the custom dictionary. Verbs and prepositions should not be used because they will not match the phrase on Semantria’s server and will not affect the sentiment score. 

The sentiment weights of both default and custom phrases within a dataset can be changed by assigning a new value to each sentiment bearing phrase in the sentiment settings window.

You can see which sentiment bearing phrases Semantria extracts from your content by following these steps:
1. Turn off all of the options on the Output section of your Excel Ribbon (Semantria tab) except Sentiment
2. Turn on the "Phrases" button
3. Click on "Manage Analyses and Reports" and select already processed projects that you want to see the sentiment-bearing phrases for.

Here you will see which phrases Semantria knows and what are default sentiment scores associated with them.

From there, you can use the Sentiment Setting tab to:
a. Submit new phrases  and assign their sentiment weights
b. Submit new sentiment values for existing phrases. Your values will overwrite our existing scores for your       currently active profile ONLY.

For example, Let’s assume you process your data like normal and find one or more phrases where you believe the sentiment should be adjusted to suit your needs. In the following example, “excellent” has a phrase sentiment-bearing score of ‘0.72’.

Let’s say that you feel excellent should be associated with a more positive sentiment score. To accomplish that, you need to adjust the sentiment in the “Sentiment Settings” panel. Please make sure to keep the weight of the phrase that you are trying to modify between -1 and +1. For this example, “excellent” was given a weight of ‘0.9’.  

Re-process your data and find your newly adjusted results! You can see in the image below that “excellent” now has a score of ‘1.08’ instead of ‘0.72’

For more on how to adjust sentiment, take a look at our Sentiment Tuning Guide and watch our Sentiment Adjustments Video .
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