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Analysis Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 10:54AM EDT
Not all data was returned from Semantria.
Please ensure that all data fits Semantria's
 default 2048 character limit. The engine may not return results of data that exceeds this limit.
Some results aren’t accurate.
It is possible to configure Semantria to make analytic results more accurate for your use. To improve the accuracy see, Improving Category, Query, and Entity Accuracy or to adjust the sentiment see Sentiment Adjustments.
If you have specific content regarding a specific domain that differs with Semantria’s default results, please email us at, we will be able to discuss your data with you.  
There is no output in categories.
Semantria has a number of default categories installed. However, Semantria only provides default categories for 5 predefined configurations (1 set of default categories for 1
configuration in each of the 5 supported languages). If you want to use the default categories in a second configuration of the same language, you must clone the first configuration. If not, you will not see any default categories.
There is no output in Queries.
Queries are not available as default since they are specific matrices. If there is no output, it means they haven’t been configured yet.  
My categories disappeared when I switched
When you switch configurations, custom categories are not copied from one
configuration to another. This allows you to have different configurations.
My queries disappeared when I switched
Queries, like categories are linked to a configuration and are not copied when you switch from one
configuration to another. This allows you to have different configurations.

Charts aren't appearing, even after I've selected them as outputs in the top Semantria Excel Ribbon.
Charts are a unique feature to Discovery mode analyses. The Semantria Excel Add-In will not generate charts for Basic mode analyses.
If you have selected charts as an output, but they do not appear in your Discovery mode output, please contact for further assistance.
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