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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2013 04:34PM EDT
Are API keys user specific or PC specific?
Semantria's API keys are not limiting or linked to a specific PC. This means, the user can use the their Semantria Excel Add-in keys in multiple Excel Add-ins. All configuration settings will be synchronized. However, projects will remain on the PC in which they were created and are not synchronized.

Can the Add-in be installed for a multi-user environment?
There is an option available during the installation that asks whether to install for "Everyone" or "Just me". If the add-in is installed as “Just me”, only a specific user will be able to access the Semantria Excel add-in.

To make the add-in available for every user, go to the Control Panel, select the add/remove programs window and uninstall the add-in. Then simply install it again and make sure that the "Everyone" option is selected.

The Semantria installer will not run.
This may be the result of the following:
1. You are trying to install the wrong version of the add-in for your Excel version. For example, if you are trying to install the Office 2007 version of the add-in when you are using an Office 2010 version, you will receive the following message. Be sure to install the correct version of the Semantria Add-in.

2. If you try to run the 32-bit version of the add-in on a 64-bit OS and vice vera, you will receive one of the following messages. Be sure to install the correct version of the Semantria Add-in for your OS version.

Installer isn’t capable to find one of required components to install Excel add-in.
Usually the Semantria Excel Add-in is capable of downloading and installing all components automatically. However, if for some reason it does not, the list of required components are the following: 

For Office 2007, which is 32-bit only, the mandatory components are:

For Office 2010, regardless of the OS or Office versions, the mandatory components are:
Login doesn’t take my API keys:

  1. Make sure you enter the correct credentials and didn’t copy extra spaces.
  2. Check if you are working behind a firewall. If you are, you need to allow Semantria access in order for your API keys to work by adding an exception rule for the path "*". 
Semantria is able to provide an installation without credentials in particular cases. Please contact for more information.
Installer doesn’t work on my Mac.
Unfortunately, our Semantria Excel add-in doesn’t work on Apple’s platform. The Excel add-in uses specific elements of Microsoft office that are only available on Windows’ platform. For a work around solution visit, Excel Add-in for a Mac.
How do I install Semantria Excel add-in for Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95?
Semantria Excel add-in only works on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
How do I install Semantria Excel add-in on Office 2003/2000/98?
Semantria Excel add-in only works on Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013.
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