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Configuring Callback URLs

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2016 03:19PM EST
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How can I configure values for call back URLS?
Semantria only supports a common callback for all documents or collections processed on the same configuration. Thus, you cannot submit a callback URL for every document.
A Callback URL needs to be assigned through an API call. You need to update the default configuration on the server with any callback URL with the following criteria:
  1. Callback URL must be HTTPS
  2. Callback URL should end with “.json” or “.xml” in order to define the desired data format.
  3. To distinguish processed documents from collections, Semantria passes a type parameter through GET.     There is either “document” or “collection” views.

Please note that you can’t use Callback and Auto-response at the same time. You can only use one feature.
The number of callback URLs should not exceed the number of configurations you are using.
An API wrapper gives you the ability to set up a callback URL. Here is a sample code for .Net (C#3) :
            ISerializer serializer = new JsonSerializer();
            using (Session session = Session.CreateSession(consumerKey, consumerSecret, serializer))
                Configuration config = session.GetConfigurations().Where(item => item.IsPrimary == true).First();
                if (config != null)
                    config.Callback = " a href="";
                    IUpdateProxy<Configuration> proxy = session.CreateConfigurationsUpdateProxy();
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