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Negators of Sentiment Bearing Phrases

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 03:21PM EST
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When negators describe the sentiment bearing phrase, they inverse its sentiment. 

For example, if 'stock' is given a weight of 1, the comment "They don't stock it anymore" will receive a sentiment of -1 because of the negator, 'don't' in front of 'stock'. Negators should not be added to the sentiment dictionary, otherwise the sentiment analysis will not perform properly.

Comments such as , "Isn't working", are being scored as positive when they should be negative. 
When phrases are too short there aren't enough lexemes to build lexical chains or to determine the sentiment of the inverted structure of phrases. In order to extract the proper sentiment, more context must be given to the engine. Therefore, "This way isn't working for us" would detect negative sentiment because of the increased context.
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