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Supported parts-of-speech (POS) tags

Last Updated: May 20, 2014 05:15PM EDT
Semantria's API currently returns two fields related to the POS tagging feature. The first is a concise value for the part of speech and the second is a tag given by the Salience core.

The list of concise values by part of speech 'type' include:
  • All – Return whole text marked with POS tags.
  • Noun - Common, plural, proper, possessive, personal nouns, pronouns.
  • Verb - Modal, base, future, past verbs.
  • Adjective - Comparative, superlative and regular adjectives, adverbs.
  • Determiner - Determiners, predetermines.
  • Misc - Data/time, foreign words, coordinating conjunction, etc.
  • Twitter - URLs, emails mentions, hash tags, smiles, etc.
The table below provides a complete list of supported tags and their meanings:

(To enable POS tagging for API users visit our developer's portal)

NN            Common noun
NNS Plural common noun
NNP Proper noun
NNPS     Plural proper noun
PRP$ Possessive pronoun (his, her, my)
PRP Personal pronoun (I, he, she, him, her)
WP Wh- pronoun (what, which, who, whom)
WP$ Wh- possessive pronoun (whose)
MD           Modal verb (can, could, may, must)
VB Base verb (take)
VBC Future tense, conditional
VBD Past tense (took)
VBF Future tense
VBG Gerund, present participle (taking)
VBN Past Participle (taken)
VBP Present tense (take)
VBZ Present 3rd person singular (takes)
Adjective / Adverb
JJ             Adjective
JJR Comparative adjective
JJS Superlative adjective
RB Adverb
RBR Comparative adverb
RBS Superlative adverb
WRB Wh- Adverb (how, where, why)
DT            Determiner (a, the, an…)
PDT Predeterminer (all, both…)
WDT Wh- determiner (which)
CD            Cardinal
DAT Date/Time
CC Coordinating conjunction
EX Existential there
FW Foreign word
IN Preposition/subordinating conjunction
RP Particle
UH Interjection
URL          URL
USER Username
EMAIL Email addresses
NNPOS Words that should be possessives, but are missing a comma
UR Words that are actually several words at a once
: ) Smiles
UH Interjection
  Untagged Token
! ! ! Multiple Exclamation Marks or Questions Marks
. . . Ellipsis
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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